In a rapidly changing world, wise organisations continually seek to re-align themselves with the needs of their customers and other key stakeholders. We work with organisations to identify their people requirements for today and tomorrow, and implement talent pipelines that support business strategy.

Organisational Transformation Programme

Chief Executive Officer: "“Wickland Westcott has been instrumental in the identification and development of our leadership talent. They have been a key contributor to the renewal of The Co-op, providing insight and expertise to me and my team."

Change Programme

Chief Executive Officer: "We were embarking on a significant business transformation project and initially used Wickland Westcott as a sounding board drawing on their experience and insight. They quickly understood our culture and the opportunities facing our managers and helped us establish a ‘culture of change’ across the senior leadership team. Wickland Westcott responded to our needs, were flexible in their approach, resonated with our team and have been a pleasure to work with."

Developing Talent for Tomorrow

Chief People Officer: "Wickland Westcott understood our ambition to transform Aviva, and have worked with us on developing our leadership capabilities to meet that challenge. Thank you for your partnering, your preparation and your brilliance."