Succession Planning Checklist

Review your succession plan


  1. Is the succession plan tied to organisational strategy and goals?
  2. Does the succession plan fit the culture and values of the organisation?
  3. Is the plan compatible with any existing competency/leadership frameworks?
  4. How well is the succession plan being communicated across the organisation?
  5. Are stakeholders who are affected by the succession plan being managed effectively?
  6. Does the succession plan address anticipated challenges the organisation may be facing?


  1. Who is measuring, monitoring and evaluating progress and the outcomes of the succession plan?
  2. Who is actioning training plans for the identified successor competency gaps?
  3. Is the succession plan being used as an employee engagement tool, e.g. to boost career ownership across the organisation?
  4. What is the frequency of succession plan review meetings?
  5. Is the succession management team fully equipped to manage the succession process, and does it have the authority to evolve the plan in line with changing factors e.g. demographics, role requirements, turnover of senior professionals, risk mitigation?
  6. Is the succession plan effectively linked with performance management processes?
  7. Is the succession plan aligned with the leadership development processes?
  8. What methods are being used to capture the knowledge of leavers?
  9. Are the succession plan managers distilling out lessons learned?
  10. What methods are being used to measure succession plan return-on-investment?


  1. Does the plan account for changing expectations and changing roles? How is this being managed?
  2. Is all data up to date? (Job descriptions, role competencies, successor competencies, succession plan policies etc.)
  3. Is the content accurate? (The correct positions, potential successors, critical/non-critical roles identified?)
  4. Have you thought beyond traditional competencies? (E.g. the strength of the successor’s networks?)
  5. Have you assessed talent capability and potential through methods underpinned by rigour and best-practice?

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