Return On Investment

Value-for-money is a crucial factor in deciding whether to invest in any leadership or HR intervention.

  • Did the coaching programme pay-off for both the individual and the organisation?
  • Did the team-build genuinely lead to enhanced performance?
  • The fees we paid to fill that role two years ago – was that money well spent?
  • Is it worth investing in assessing the management team before acquiring this business?

These are the kind of questions that are front-of-mind for many value-focused executives. It is possible to evaluate return on investment (ROI) and Wickland Westcott is keen to support clients in measuring the effectiveness of our work. We are also open to creative charging models that share both risk and reward.

Measuring return on investment starts with crystal clear project objectives, agreed milestones and targets, and common understanding of the measurement data required. At Wickland Westcott we are fans of the Kirkpatrick Model (Reaction, Learning, Behaviour, Results) but are equally happy to work with client’s own preferred models. Call us if you would like to know more about how we can evaluate our effectiveness.

As a matter of course, we seek feedback from all talent clients on the value of our assignments. Here is the data from the last 170 clients (as at October 2017):

Did Wickland Westcott deliver results that justified the expenditure?

Not at all Limited Extent Reasonable Extent Great Extent
0% 1.2% 22.3% 76.5%

Below are some specific return on investment testimonials.

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Director of Business Services:

“Wickland Westcott’s ability, to read people, ‘name the elephant’ and interject small pieces of relevant psychology in the facilitated discussion helped me to form an effective leadership team. The team sessions enabled us to define a mission, to produce clear roles and responsibilities and agree accountability for the team as a whole, not just for their own departments. In terms of ROI the money invested in the programme has already been recouped many times over. As a direct result of our work with Wickland Westcott and the closer teamwork this made possible, we have identified savings of £1.3 million within this year’s budget (Approx. 10%).”

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UK HR Director:

“Executive headhunting is a significant investment. We have worked with Wickland Westcott extensively over the last 10 years and find them to be efficient, professional and cost-effective. They have introduced great people to our business, people who have added enormous value, and continue to do so to this day”.

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UK HR Director:

“Wickland Westcott was instrumental in helping us manage a long and complex recruiting process for a multi-national, key leadership position. They were able to provide us diverse, highly- qualified candidates with great depth and breadth that are game changers in their respective fields. Without our Leadership Consultant Jerome Bull, it would have been very difficult process!”