Editorial Strategic Director

Editorial Strategic Director

Our client, a leading newsbrand, retained us to appoint an Editorial Strategic Director. This new position would aim to bridge the gap between editorial and commercial whilst introducing the required digital capability to help drive the organisation’s digital and customer centric transformation. Given the limited talent pool within the vicinity of the organisation’s HQ, it was highly likely that a relocation would be required. 

Our research team meticulously mapped the media sector across Europe to identify the very best digital content candidates, who possessed strong leadership credentials. It was important to identify individuals who had an intricate understanding of how editorial operations work, but who also possessed the ability to create the digital content strategy and infrastructure to help deliver the company’s ambitious growth plans. Drawing on our deep expertise and network in media, we were able to build a compelling shortlist of engaged and diverse candidates who were receptive to relocation.

Our positioning of the opportunity was crucial in our ability to heighten initial interest and create excitement. Moreover, the need to rigorously assess and understand the individual’s key drivers and genuine desire to relocate for the right opportunity was a vital part in delivering this very successful assignment.

Our client selected their ideal candidate and Wickland Westcott managed the complex offer process, providing support and counsel to the candidate throughout the move, and ultimately securing the services of an outstanding individual.

Wickland Westcott have adopted the Voluntary Code of Conduct for Executive Search Firms which, amongst other things, sets a minimum expectation level for gender diversity for each search assignment.