Finance Business Partner

Finance Business Partner

Providing a hybrid interim to work across finance and the business

Our client – a major UK based plant and site equipment provider – had identified the need to engage an interim to help them develop more effective financial control systems and identify areas where savings could be made to improve margins and provide funds for growth. The role was more of a hybrid role than a typical finance position as it involved working closely with the business to identify where there were issues with the accounts, to improve the accuracy of the figures and determine where funds could be released to help finance growth plans.

Wickland Westcott was able to identify an interim with a track record of carrying out similar roles with other organisations and who had, along with a strong finance background, excellent communication and stakeholder management skills. The interim also had the ability to work on a consulting basis to get to the nub of the key issues and propose innovative solutions to improve financial performance.

The interim has proved to be such a worthwhile addition to the team that they have now been offered a permanent position.

Wickland Westcott have adopted the Voluntary Code of Conduct for Executive Search Firms which, amongst other things, sets a minimum expectation level for gender diversity for each search assignment.