Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Converting an Interim to a Permanent Member of Staff

Our client, a global healthcare knowledge provider and publisher was looking to recruit a permanent Chief Technology Officer but was having problems identifying a suitable candidate. As the incumbent CTO was due to leave imminently, the HR Director asked Wickland Westcott if we could provide an interim for 3-6 months whilst they carried out a new recruitment campaign.

The role was a difficult one to fill, requiring knowledge of specific technologies and applications, as well as strong management experience and the ability to operate as an advocate for the effective use of technology throughout the business (which had traditionally been reluctant to fully embrace the benefits of technology). Wickland Westcott identified three short-list candidates, focusing equally on their technology experience and on their stakeholder management, leadership and communication skills.

One of the interims was offered, accepted and started the next week. After only a few weeks in the role, the CEO and HR Director met with the interim and – as the interim was a stronger CTO than any of the permanent candidates they had seen – they offered the interim the permanent position, which the interim accepted.

Wickland Westcott have adopted the Voluntary Code of Conduct for Executive Search Firms which, amongst other things, sets a minimum expectation level for gender diversity for each search assignment.