Programme Director

Programme Director – Interim

Our client is a Manchester based company selling products predominantly in the education sector. They were moving towards more of an online and proactive business model and needed to set up a call centre and CRM system to handle customer queries and order progress. In addition, it was expecting more sales to come through its website and needed to be able to manager this effectively.

Wickland Westcott provided a Programme Director to help define user requirements, identify technology requirements, develop an implementation strategy, liaise with suppliers and stakeholders, and oversee product development. Once implemented, the system needed significant changes to reflect the way the organisation engaged with its customers and the interim worked closely with the business to manage these changes.

The interim provided by Wickland Westcott was not only an expert in the technical elements of developing effective call centre and CRM systems (including integrating the various different aspects of technology required) but also had strong commercial acumen. The interim was able to suggest new ideas and different ways to make the most from the technology on offer, tailoring the systems to ensure that a competitive advantage could be achieved and that they were "future-proofed" to grow and adapt as the organisation expanded into different areas. What began as a short term tactical assignment grew into a key strategic role, ensuring that technology could add real value to the business.

Wickland Westcott have adopted the Voluntary Code of Conduct for Executive Search Firms which, amongst other things, sets a minimum expectation level for gender diversity for each search assignment.