The increasing availability of data creates opportunities to gain real perspective on human capital, both the people you employ and those you may think of hiring.

At Wickland Westcott we collect (with permission) anonymised data on the leaders we meet during executive search, assessment, development and coaching assignments. This enables us to create norms categorised by function, sector, level and a host of other relevant variables. Our proprietary database, updated every month, now contains information on over 4,000 executives.

This data allows organisations to understand how their talent benchmarks against the marketplace.

Here is the latest norm (at November 2017) for Finance Directors. How does your FD compare?

This is the latest norm (at November 2017) for Human Resource Directors. How do your HRD candidates stack up?

This table compares the typical FD and HRD with the typical CEO, showing their most likely development areas (on average).

Of course, similar comparison groups can be created for different internal functions or teams. For more information on data-led insights please call us on +44 (0)207 224 2071 or email us at