The Leadership Consultancy

The Leadership Consultancy

Wickland Westcott supports those with the courage to lead. We work with people and organisations at key moments: change, recruitment, developing individuals, building teams, growth and succession.

Leaders in the field of leadership for over 40 years – walk with Wickland Westcott.

Understand (Homepage)

Every leader is on their own journey. Through in-depth interviews, simulations and progressive assessment techniques we build a holistic understanding of each leader’s aspirations, skills, personality and values. The insight gathered is crucial for any organisation looking to recruit, promote, develop and retain talent.

Senior Assessment Process

HR Director: “We have worked with Wickland Westcott for many years. They blend a sharp commercial perspective with a strong market insight into leaders. This enables them to give us sound, strategic advice regarding hiring and promoting people into our most senior roles.”.

Executive Assessment

Head of Talent: "Wickland Westcott has successfully partnered with us over a number of years and have a good understanding of our business and our leadership culture. They are highly responsive, client-centered, and are able to deliver additional value beyond their core assessment services, giving us independent challenge on our thinking when we need it".

Assessment of Sales Director Candidates

HR Director: "We have built up a relationship of trust with Wickland Westcott over many years. Recently we asked then to design and run a rigorous assessment process, tailored to our specific requirements, to help us appoint a new Sales Director for the UK business. In short timescales they created and delivered an excellent solution that helped us identify the ideal candidate. I recommend them unreservedly.".

Develop (Homepage)

Leaders are made, not born. They are fashioned by their experiences, their environment and the people they meet. We provide proven ways to enhance and accelerate leadership development: coaching, development programmes, team events, and individualised learning.

Development Programme

Chief People Officer: "We’ve worked with Wickland Westcott on complex bespoke assignments. They have helped colleagues improve performance and wellbeing through making sense of life and work."

Leadership Development Programme

Senior Leadership Development Consultant: "I would highly recommend working with the team at Wickland Westcott on your talent or leadership development solutions – they are easy to do business with, yet meticulous in designing quality products/ services that match specifically with what we’re trying to achieve as an organisation. Our leaders have enhanced their leadership skills as a direct result of Wickland Westcott’s insightful and challenging coaching – thank you."

Innovative Talent Management Programme

HR Senior Controller: "The programme has been excellent. The Wickland Westcott team worked really hard to understand our business and the strategic drivers behind this initiative. This collaborative approach resulted in a bespoke programme which combined the benefits of an external provider with a real ‘Nissan feel’. It’s been really well received by both employees and management. The professionalism and commitment of the consultants was second to none.".

Transform (Homepage)

In a rapidly changing world, wise organisations continually seek to re-align themselves with the needs of their customers and other key stakeholders. We work with organisations to identify their people requirements for today and tomorrow, and implement talent pipelines that support business strategy.

Organisational Transformation Programme

Chief Executive Officer: "“Wickland Westcott has been instrumental in the identification and development of our leadership talent. They have been a key contributor to the renewal of The Co-op, providing insight and expertise to me and my team."

Change Programme

Chief Executive Officer: "We were embarking on a significant business transformation project and initially used Wickland Westcott as a sounding board drawing on their experience and insight. They quickly understood our culture and the opportunities facing our managers and helped us establish a ‘culture of change’ across the senior leadership team. Wickland Westcott responded to our needs, were flexible in their approach, resonated with our team and have been a pleasure to work with."

Developing Talent for Tomorrow

Chief People Officer: "Wickland Westcott understood our ambition to transform Aviva, and have worked with us on developing our leadership capabilities to meet that challenge. Thank you for your partnering, your preparation and your brilliance."

Find (Homepage)

Finding the right leader is crucial to the success of your enterprise. In an increasingly connected world, our Executive Search Consultants work across sectors, functions and geographies to source, excite and engage the very best senior talent whether permanent or interim.

Challenging Assignments

Chief Human Resources Officer: "We engaged Wickland Westcott on several complicated and challenging assignments. Their diligent, partnership approach delivered exceptional results. They took the time to understand not only the assignment but how it linked to our overall business goal. We were presented with excellent candidate lists and with detailed and informative profiles which allowed us to fully explore the candidates’ suitability. The result was the successful appointment of fantastic talent which has enhanced our business".

Recruitment of Managing Director for UK

Global VP HR: "Wickland Westcott took time in the initial briefing to understand the context as well as the actual role content. They checked in on us from time to time to ensure they were reading the situation and discussed the likely fit of each of the candidates presented versus the specification. They then championed the evaluation of a key candidate who was outside the initial scope – but proved to be a strong fit".

Recruitment of CEO and other senior roles

HR Director: "We have received an excellent service from Wickland Westcott in relation to the recruitment process for the Chief Executive and Deputy Chief Executive/Finance Director roles. Both processes were executed in a responsive, professional and transparent way with the necessary rigour and attention to detail required. We can recommend Wickland Westcott to you for your recruitment needs".

Teams (Homepage)

What’s the best team you’ve ever been part of? And the worst? We bet there was a big difference in what each felt like, and crucially, their results. Through facilitation, team coaching and off-site events, we work with leadership teams to build focus, cohesion, confidence, energy and performance.

Board Evaluation

Chairman: "In the discussions with us Wickland Westcott were thought provoking and showed a real desire to engage with the Diageo board in a way which we believed would help us improve. The results did not disappoint."

Team Event

Partner: “Phoenix use WW extensively to improve our decision making over the management partners we are likely to work best with, to help new portfolio teams gel and perform, and for our own recruitment process and training. They are a fun, innovative and highly talented group and provide us with real insight and value add which improves our decision making and our investment process.”

Leadership Support Programme

Malcolm Gomersall, COO: “Wickland Westcott has provided excellent leadership advisory support this year. They are a top class consultancy partner.”