Team and Board Development

There are occasions where external, impartial and skilled facilitation helps a team come to grips with challenging issues. Team leaders often feel preoccupied with managing the process of a meeting rather than feeling they can fully contribute to the discussion themselves. A trained facilitator can firmly yet sensitively ensure the agenda is realised, injecting pace, managing conflict and ensuring tangible outputs. Senior teams use external facilitation when tackling subjects such as strategy, cultural change, succession planning or other distinct organisational issues.

Wickland Westcott has researched the development of high performance in teams and understands the components, climate and leadership required to achieve excellence. We have developed diagnostic tools to identify where a team is in its development cycle, and can compare this data with other high performance teams to identify particular areas for improvement. We also provide thorough and objective board performance reviews, producing a developmental action plan for the board. With our background in occupational psychology, there is always a sound academic foundation to our interventions, and the flavour is very much practical, concrete and action-oriented.

Case Studies