Board and Non-Executive

Challenging economic environments, the pace of change and the demands of diverse stakeholders require the highest levels of leadership, strategic capability and governance. Corporate scrutiny, disclosure requirements and increasing interest in Boardroom decision-making have sharpened the focus on ethical leadership, openness and honesty.  Never has it been more important to attract and retain the very best, and the most appropriate, Board members and senior executives.  

Wickland Westcott ensures only the best candidates are hired through inclusive, rigorous and fair search and assessment methodologies.  We advise Nomination Committees, Chairmen and SIDs across the private, public and the third sectors in building Boards, facilitating strategic succession planning and optimising people performance.  We help Boards operate as effective and high performing teams, balancing the expectations of shareholders with the strategic and commercial ambitions of their respective organisations.  A successful partnership between search firm and client requires trust, confidence, open communication and empathy, and these are the hallmarks of the Wickland Westcott approach.

Case Studies