Career Strategy

Our Career Strategy service is designed to provide advice, support and guidance to people who are leaving an organisation, or to those who wish to proactively manage their career and bring a more planned approach to their trajectory.

We provide a dedicated career coach who will work as a partner through the programme. Our philosophy is to provide a bespoke service, tailoring the content of our programmes and encouraging individuals to select the specific areas in which they would like support. Where required, this can involve in-depth psychometric profiling and feedback and we can also capitalise on the expertise of our Talent and Search consultants to provide a rich and powerful experience to help achieve career objectives.

Programmes typically last between three and twelve months. Shorter programmes suit those keen to identify the best job possible within identified aspirations and parameters. More time is required for those who want a more expansive dialogue about career direction, perhaps exploring a complete career change, for example, or a move into entrepreneurship.

Case Studies